Anniversary of George Floyd

Yesterday, May 25th, was the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. A year ago, a video went viral of George Floyd’s death, showing Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, kneeling on Mr. Floyd’s neck for nine minutes, instigating a nation-wide response. Tons of people took to the streets in peaceful protests against this murder last summer. Derek Chauvin has since been convicted, and a civil suit was won by Mr. Floyd’s family against the city of Minneapolis.

Although this has brought awareness towards policing practices and social justice, our work is not done. The reoccurring issues of police brutality and systemic racism cannot be fixed in just a year. How will future leaders and actions affect our fight against these acts of racism? How can we continue to listen and learn, working to build a nation of equality?

This past year, I have been working towards just that. As I have mentioned in previous articles, books are great ways to learn and listen. They allow us to educate ourselves and reflect upon how others’ experiences may be different than our own. I have provided a list below of books that me and my family has read together about racial injustice.

Children’s books:

  • A Kids Book About Racism by: Jelani Memory
  • Separate is Never Equal by: Duncan Tonatiuh
  • Stamped (for Kids) Racism, Anti Racism and You by: Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds, adapted by: Sonja Cherry-Paul
  • The Undefeated by: Kwame Alexander
  • Let the Children March by: Monica Clark-Robinson
  • Happy in Our Skin by: Fran Manushkin

YA books:

  • Stamped: Racism, Anti Racism and You by: Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds
  • Ghost Boys by: Jewell Parker Rhodes
  • This Book is Anti Racist by: Tiffany Jewell
  • The Hate U Give by: Angie Thomas
  • The Good Kind of Trouble by: Lisa Moore Remee
  • Black Brother, Black Brother by: Jewell Parker Rhodes
  • Dear Justyce by: Nic Stone

I hope you take time to read these books. We can always learn from others, and it is important that we take those opportunities to make change for the better.