COVID-19: 7 Ways the Global Pandemic has Positively Impacted the World

This article was originally published on November 15, 2020.

The coronavirus seems to have destroyed our world. With the cases rising, a new president, the multiple movements, and everything else going on in the world, everything seems to be a mess. However, there may be some positive effects of COVID-19.

One of the first things is that there is a lot more unity between the world. From children to parents to grandparents, we’ve all been working together to stop this thing. Unity is one of the most important things that the UNITED states have been named after. This pandemic is bringing unity between not just the USA, but the whole world!

Pollution has also been significantly reduced since the start of the pandemic. The reduction of travel has caused a big difference in the amount of waste coming out. People staying at home and buying more reusable items have also helped. With the pollution rising over the past couple of years, it’s been extremely helpful and has saved millions of lives!

Relationships have always been shaky, due to the modern times we are in. Quarantining can make or break a relationship, but sometimes it can be helpful to be spending so much time with the people you love and care about. Not only can staying at home strengthen your relationships with the people in your family and around you, but it can strengthen relationships with friends, pets, and connect people with more hobbies.

As much as it sucks that a lot of people are passing every single day, the hospitals are making a huge improvement to their systems since the start of the pandemic. Doctors and nurses have been able to develop more efficient and created more effective treatments for people with illnesses in the future. Medical companies that have been working on producing a vaccine will also have more understanding of the future.

Since a lot of people have been staying at home, the crime rate has decreased drastically from the beginning of the pandemic. Although there have been some rates of crimes that have been going up, the decrease of a lot more crime is having a positive impact, especially in large cities.

Online education has also been quite popular since the start of the school year. Since cases are beginning to rise, especially near schools, teachers and school districts have a lot more awareness of what to do when somebody gets sick, whether it is with COVID-19 or not. Programs like Zoom, Ring Central, Microsoft Teams, etc have been able to help during this process, creating an overall simpler and easier system.

Finally, another positive thing about COVID-19 is that people are more prepared for upcoming illnesses and flu seasons in the future. Our society will be more aware of social distancing measures, the best tools for safety, washing hands properly, and more!

Although at times it seems like this pandemic is never going to go away, if everybody stands together, and focuses on the positive, things are going to be ok.