Dear IDEA Public Schools – A Platform That Helps IDEA Students and Faculty Have Their Voices Heard

This article was originally published on July 21, 2020.

Dear IDEA Public Schools is an Instagram account that shares the negative experiences of those who are/were students at IDEA public schools. Many of the stories they share anonymously are connected to bullying, racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, assault, and other forms of hatred. The account hopes that sharing these stories will help cause a change in the environment of IDEA public schools. Via Instagram, I was able to talk with its remarkable founders.

The founders of Dear IDEA Public Schools stated that they made the account with the sole purpose of shedding light on issues with the IDEA administration. They said that they do recognize what IDEA has done for its students and that the public schools have given amazing opportunities to many. However, they and many others feel that the atmosphere can still be improved at IDEA public schools. The founders hope that sharing the negative experiences of those who are affiliated with IDEA will lead to a better atmosphere in the public schools for both students and faculty.

They went on to say,

Over time, we have all seen and experienced things that have made us re-evaluate our perception of IDEA. Now, we genuinely want to better the administration. We came across an Instagram account @dearplanoisd, consisted of students coming forward with their experiences with Plano ISD, which inspired us to do the same. Along with this, the current political/social climate of our country has made us realize that we cannot sit and watch as people are mistreated, and we must stand unified as a voice for IDEA students/faculty.

The founders of Dear IDEA Public Schools said that can only hope that their voices are heard. They are delighted with the fact that IDEA has already reached out to them, and they hope to work with the administration to make sure change is made whether it has to do with curriculum or the culture of the public schools. The founders also said that it is important for students and faculty to feel represented and for IDEA to become a more inclusive and safe space for those who are affiliated with it.

Dear IDEA Public Schools has a google form that people can use to submit their own stories. Their DMs are also open where they receive lots of support and stories, as well. The founders are trying their best to share everyone’s experiences and hope to make everyone feel heard. The account has done a great job at this, as they are constantly posting new content to spread awareness.

The founders also said,

People are afraid to speak up and stand up for themselves and for their peers. IDEA has had a reputation of sweeping things under the rug so we understand that it’s not easy to come forward with your story. We want to make that easier for people and use our platform to help them.

Dear IDEA Public Schools is a wonderful account that helps others be more mindful of what is happening around them. Seeing all the stories this account has shared helps us learn that society is not as perfect as it seems. Many students face forms of hatred that hinder their learning experience, and many teachers are mistreated by those around them at schools. Dear IDEA Public Schools uses the stories they receive to encourage a change in this at IDEA and is helping the administration move towards a learning environment that is comfortable for all. I strongly encourage you to go check out and follow their Instagram account @dearideapublicschools.