FISD Kicks off a New School Year

This article was originally published on August 15, 2020.

Overview of the School Year

On August 13, 2020, all Frisco Independent School District schools kicked off a new year of school. 

With the current situation, school looks a little different all around the world, including Frisco Independent School District. Many states and districts are having to figure out what kind of program works for their students and parents/guardians. In-Person? Virtual? Hybrid? Frisco Independent School District gave their students and parents/guardians an option between in-person classes or virtual classes. However for the first three weeks of school, it will be a fully online program, and once the three weeks are up students will be able to go in-person or stay virtual. 

Using video call websites, Canvas, and many different online platforms, Frisco ISD and the teachers are making the best of the situation. 

To make school feel as normal as possible, students follow a full school day schedule, but rather on video call (or in-person once the three weeks are up). 

Synchronous and Asynchronous Lessons-Virtual students

While on video call a portion of the lesson will be taught live by the teacher, and a portion of the lesson will be individual work. Both the Synchronous and Asynchronous lessons will be used to track attendance. If you join the video call and you turn in your daily assignment you will be counted as “Virtually Present”. 

Switching from Virtual to In-Person or In-Person to Virtual

At the end of the first nine weeks, every student and parent/guardian will be given the option to switch schooling formats. Although you will not be able to change the schooling format right now, you will be able to in a few weeks from now.

All over the world COVID-19 is affecting schools, but countries, states, provinces, cities, and districts, are trying to make the best decisions for everyone. Hopefully, you had or will have a great first day of school! Happy Schooling Everyone!