Frisco Student Creates Charity for Those Who Lost Jobs

Frisco Student Creates Charity for Those Who Lost Jobs
This article was originally published on June 18, 2020 by Carissa Schultze and Sophie Meinershagen.

Coronavirus has caused a surge of layoffs, resending job offers, furloughs, and firing to people all around the world. With the lack of income given to these people, the food supply has dwindled, sometimes at a drastic amount. Many families and people have suffered greatly from this troubling era with a grumbling stomach. With no clear end in sight, to them, it sometimes appears hopeless. However, amidst the fear and predicaments many are suffering through, one Frisco student decided there was a way she could help.

Madeline Biddulph, an incoming freshman at Reedy High school, states in an interview, “When I noticed the conspicuous problem of job loss during the rise of the virus, I was reminded of how fortunate I am, having two parents with stable jobs, whose careers were both unaffected from the pandemic.” Through her realization came comprehension of the troubles that others around her were experiencing. She says, “Noticing the difference in the number of jobs in my community, I had the idea of helping the hunger spreading around. With nothing else to do, it seemed like the perfect time to step up and help.”

People frequently don’t realize how lucky they are, even when they are fighting a pandemic with the rest of the world. Many types of jobs, such as doctors, nurses, teachers, office workers, front line workers, and more have all been able to work with minimal alterations during this recession. There are people out there, all around the world, that have lost their jobs. Just to get a vague idea, a lot of people that work in restaurants, beauty salons, food processing plants, and other non-essential services have all been facing a huge hit in revenue. The sad truth is that almost half of these job layoffs won’t return or offer job opportunities in the future. At the current point in time, almost 25% of US citizens are jobless; or almost a quarter. Not only will this lead to a huge economic depression, but it leads to more world hunger. Despite government checks and the opening of stores, a recession like this will take a long time to recover from.

Madeline’s way of helping those who suffered from job loss was putting ribbons around her neighbors’ trees. She noticed that people around America had put up white ribbons to show appreciation for doctors and nurses dealing with COVID-19 patients, but that there weren’t many in her area. She took it upon herself to sell ribbons for five dollars each, with all of the profits going to a Dallas food bank. She raised five hundred dollars from many Frisco residents and personally went to their houses to tie the ribbons around their trees. Not only did it provide food to families in need, but it could be a beautiful decoration in your yard! Madeline’s friends and family helped her along the way to a path of success in showing appreciation and giving help to others. Not only does this charity help show how there is still a positive outlook in a pandemic, but also the younger generation is promising and inspiring for the future. It goes to show that anybody can step up and do something better for the world, you just have to have the motivation.

Madeline states, “The main source of encouragement I had was my aunt who treats patients with COVID-19. Her patience and bravery to help gave me the inspiration to start this project.” Ultimately, anyone can help do the right thing in this time of panic and unease, and we hope others will follow her example. Even though the charity has already ended, people should still help spread love through Frisco by donating to the local food banks and charities.