Hacktivist Group, Anonymous, to Help the BLM Movement

This article was originally published on July 16, 2020 by Deepika Tiruveedhula and Savannah Webb.

Recently, the internet has been freaking out over the comeback of a well-known hacker group known as Anonymous. This group was formed by people mainly from the online forum site 4chan, founded in 2003. Their main logo comprises a graphic of a man with a question mark in place of a head to symbolize how the group doesn’t have a leader, meaning that anyone can identify as being part of Anonymous. Their overarching goal is to hack into large organizations like the government to show the public what they have been hiding. They have gone after groups like ISIS, the Church of Scientology, and even companies like Paypal and Sony. Though the group does their best to remain fully secretive, some arrests of the group’s members have been made with cyber attacks. They made their debut appearance into national news headlines by raiding the game Habbo Hotel which had racist conduct on July 12, 2006, which was a tremendous shock to the public, since this was the first time a game was ever raided to this extent. With this, they became the first trolls on the internet. The group was last seen in 2016 “declaring war” on both presidential candidates, Trump and Hilary, but have since disappeared from the internet.

However, on May 31st, 2020, a video was posted on the Anonymous page on Facebook. The video had a member of the group wearing their trademark Guy Fawkes mask, and they started speaking about police brutality, referring to the killing of George Floyd. They also mentioned about the black lives matter movement and stated that the way African Americans are treated in America is unfair. At the end of the video, they made warnings to the Minneapolis Police Department. Then they signed off with their slogan “We Are Legion” and told the camera to “expect us.”

A few days after, news of them taking down the Minneapolis Police Department website and hacking all the police radios by playing music containing lyrics going against the police all night so the cops weren’t able to communicate during the protests spread across the news. They later exposed tweets proving Trump being involved in human trafficking and some documents relating to sexual assault. A member also was said to have evidence of Princess Diana’s death being of the royal family’s doing. These findings went viral over Twitter, as everyone was tweeting about them and welcoming Anonymous to the internet. Many internet users have even made comments about being able to trust the anonymous hacking group more than their own government. Though Twitter is making plentiful memes of Anonymous as their hero of 2020 as per usual, countless others are expressing their gratitude for their return as they help to bring success with the protests and voices being shared. Multiple claims of Anonymous members hacking things such as TV networks have been made but have not yet been proven. Anonymous has shown us over the years that they will always be on the people’s side and bring justice to us in a unique kind of way.