Mars Rover 2021

Revolution in space has been going on for decades, ever since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, the journey through space has been getting more and more advanced. Take for instance the Mars Rover. This motor vehicle travels across the surface of Mars to examine the land and characteristics of Mars. The rover also collects data on ancient life. These things are important to know in case life on Mars is our only chance for survival in the future.

Not many people understand how crucial space exploration is. Bringing us closer to Mars is bringing us closer to an alternative for a sustainable life. Now you may be wondering, why do we even need an alternative? The answer to this question is simple. Global warming. The radiation from the heat waves in our atmosphere are slowly getting too hot and our planet is suffering. If this climate change continues in this pattern, we may be carbon depleted as soon as 2028. Although there have been some steps made in the right direction, such as Tesla. Here is a quote from the Tesla Impact Report, ¨By design, Tesla’s products are sustainable, and we’re working hard to build them sustainably too. We’re publishing our very first Impact Report measuring the impacts of our products and operations on the environment and our communities. We recognize there’s still much to be done.¨ This is showing that we are making progress in reducing our carbon footprint. But will it be enough?

The mars rover gave us all sorts of information that will help us in the future to determine what we will need to survive. The rover also is a closer step for mankind and for space exploration, which will make it easier for us to know what else is out there.