Poetry Collection

Hello everyone. I come to you all today with some poetry I have created over the past few years that are some of my favorites. Poetry is an amazing form of self-expression, and it can take place in any form. Many people say that they physically “can’t” do poetry, but all it is is combining words together to tell a story, or even just to communicate emotions. So, take some time to debrief and read some of mine!

Make sure to leave some of your own poems or your analysis of these poems in the comments! I love you all!

Disclaimer: None of these poems are based specifically on my own life, just me writing down words without really thinking about it.

Of the White and Black

He surrounds me


Always trying to get a grip through 

My head

My voice

My throat

Clinging on tight to

My chest

My stomach

My hips

Crawling through

My legs

My calves

My feet

I raise my hand up

Hoping his soul will leave me

And join the darkness above

I think about all of the pain

And terror

He’s caused me

And I try and I try and I try

But my eyes fall to pitch black

Gleaming only with the moonlight

My skin feels suffocated,

Turning a slightly darker shade

Of purple by the second

My hair turns to ash, falling down

From my head

Crescending onto the floor below me

I can’t see anything

I can’t hear anything

But I can feel my heart racing

Fast as a strike of lightning

I can feel my body making

The earth tremor and shake

Like it’s a child afraid of the storm

I can feel the blood cease to flow

Through my body, like the cold

Of an ice storm

“Let me go!”

I shout

My voice swallowed out by

Pain, Agony

Wishes that I could be free

And tears stream down my

Nonexistent face

Like a waterfall with

No destination to fall down to

He’s lurking inside

He never dared to come out

He said I’ll set you free

But he never heard my shouts

He’s lurking inside

He made a promise with me

“Be mine forever-

And then you’ll be free”

It was a promise that was wrong

It had no ending

I can’t be both free and trapped

My heart won’t be mending

But I felt no emotions

His words echoed in my ears

I shook on it with him

And then he disappeared

But whenever I’m afraid

Or angry, or sad

He comes screaming out

Pissed off and mad

He takes control of my body

Of the body I don’t know

And finally my body

Collapses in the snow

I’m free, I think

As I look around

The sky is white

As is my surroundings

I realize that 

I never was trapped

I was stuck inside my head

Of the white and of the black

Eyes Tell Stories

In your eyes I’ve seen stories

Of heartbreak and pain

In your eyes I’ve seen stories

Of joy of the day

And they burn like fire

On a wood-burning stove

Shades of amber and red

Like warm winter gloves

In your eyes I see flecks

Of happiness and friends

In your eyes I see family

Of love that ends

I see how he left you

And how he tore you apart

Yet you still try to smile

Each day, every start

Your face has wrinkles

And pimples and moles

Each tell a story of your life

From being born to being old

Each crevice, each crack

That I see on your skin

Every blemish, every texture

Leans me in

You’re perfect as you are

Discolored and all

In your eyes reflects me

With you, standing tall

I see shades of brown

From hazel to chesnut

Deep shades of bark

And I never want to give up

Chasing after you

And you’re beautiful flaws

You are the one for me

Without you, I’m a lost cause

Can’t you see that your imperfections

Lead me to you

You may think you look ugly

Yet I adore all about you