Record-Breaking Heat Waves Are Targeting Southern US

This article was originally published on July 13, 2020.

Across the country, states from the US are receiving numerous heat warnings after a dangerous heat wave passed through, primarily from the South. These heat waves are reported to be known as the hottest in 2020. 

Temperatures are expected to reach around 100’s on Friday in the DFW region, National Weather Service stated. The high temperature is predicted to be 102 degrees, making it a possibility to reach the highest in 2020. These high temperatures are not anticipated to go away any time soon, with next week’s highs climbing up to 110. 

It already has been a blazing start to the month in the southern U.S. Several cities, including New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, and Atlanta, are on pace to see one of their top 10 warmest Marches on record. – the Southeast Regional Climate Center

Primarily in the South, temperatures are nearing 100 degrees, and the high humidity will make it feel like it is 105 to 115 in areas later this week, ABC News reported. 

Various states have reached record highs during the heatwave, like Palm Springs, California with a high of 121, and Del Rio, Texas with 112, tied with the hottest temperature thirty-two years back.

Las Vegas, Nevada hit 113 degrees, making it the hottest temperature this season. Amarillo, Texas, had peaking temperatures of 109 degrees. 

There are more predictions of high heats for the next few days, especially in certain regions of Texas. However, there are still more records possible in the Southern Area. 

After a couple of days, the heatwave will soon go towards the eastern area, and southern temperatures dropping down to the mid-90s.

Meteorologist David Bonnett said this week will be even hotter than the Fourth Of July weekend, due to the temperatures rising over 100 degrees. 

“The cause of the temperatures is due to a high pressure system building up to the west and southwest,” Bonnette said. “That coupled with increased humidity due in part to moisture from recent rains, will make for an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous weekend.”

An alteration from the heat wave is not anticipated until late this week, when the dome of high pressure system moves, and temperatures dropping down to the 90s. It will be a more “normal summer pattern,” Bonnette stated.

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