Twitter Bans Trump, More Social Media Drama To Come

As most people know, politics is messy. It’s hard to change people’s views on a certain topic. With the 2020 election that happened this past year, there has been much drama going on with Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, and other politicians.  

On January 6, 2021, members of the US Congress met to discuss and vote on who would be declared president. Throughout this, many of Donald Trump’s supporters stormed on the Capitol, some with Confederate flags, Trump-Pence flags, weapons, and more. A woman was killed in the incident. Photos were also taken of people in the Capitol, such as one man sitting in Speaker of the House’s Nancy Pelosi’s office. That was in the past, though. Now, many companies are taking action against the rebellion. 

Twitter is Trump’s main source of free speech. Twitter banned Trump (@therealdonaldtrump) forever because of “inciting violence” and “encouragement to those potentially considering violent acts” ( 

Although the first amendment gives the right to freedom of speech, Twitter explained this by noting that Trump signed up for Twitter by following the rules and guidelines he promised to. People can agree or disagree on Twitter’s choice, however, what has happened has happened. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, has not mentioned much on the topic on her Twitter account (@FLOTUS). Mike Pence (@VP) has spoken out about what has happened. However, Mike Pence has been facing some backlash from the media when he chose not to support the riots happening at the Capitol. This incited another campaign that Trump supporters started shouting, to “Hang Mike Pence” and other violent topics. Everyone is feeling the tension around these two as Trump’s days in office shrink down.

It’s also been said that media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have been suspending Donald Trump’s accounts for at least 24 hours since the attack on the Capitol, and possibly for more time. Some of the other accounts used to support Trump have also been suspended for short periods of time.

Other small social media apps have been exploding when Trump supporters have been finding different ways to convey their thoughts out on the world. Parler, for example, is a social media app that increased drastically when Trump lost the election last November. It was also used as a platform to incite violence with storming the Capitol as well. Amazon Web Services, which funds Parler, has cut it off after the riots, including from both the Google and Apple App Stores. Snapchat has been taking action by permanently banning Trump on any accounts, due to hate speech and inciting violence. Some lesser well-known social media platforms have banned or suspended Trump and his supporters’ accounts for an indefinite period of time. People will know more as time goes on.

As of the future, though? With Joe Biden has our 46th President, the next several years will be interesting. The Voice of Frisco will be here with you every step of the way, with an interesting take on the recent news. This article is not meant to shape any political opinions and is made to be unbiased on political standings. Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns in the comments below, thanks for reading!