Voices of Pearson – Zest

Sliced carrot cake with white icing and orange zest. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. quest.eb.com/search/118_819923/1/118_819923/cite. Accessed 27 Mar 2022.

I think zest is spreading positivity and energy to create a happier environment. What does zest mean to you? What can we do to show zest? Let’s hear the answer to these and many more questions regarding zest from our fellow Patriots.

Zest means to me, to wake up in the morning and know that you have something to do, or feel good about. Zest to me means being energetic and, in some way, hyper about what you love! Zest is so important Because a world without zest would be boring, and there would be no spice. With zest, you have the motivation to do something you love. To show zest people should be kind of talkative or have a smile on their face that speaks for itself. I think that people should show interest in the subject to be ‘zesty’. I know many people that show zest- some include my friends. Like Soumia, and also Oviya. Both of those people show zest in everything they do! It can make the world happier in hard times. It adds flavor, and zest is what gives people a reason to smile every day. When I think of zest, I think of energetic!

~Niyati S.

I think zest means enthusiasm and energy. It is important because it makes your life positive, exciting, and gives you a will to live. People show zest for optimism, to be happier, etc. Coach Barker shows zest because he makes everything exciting even if it is not. Zest can make the world happier and more exciting. When I think of zest, I think of the word enthusiastic.

– Stuthi U

Zest, to me, means being positive for the motive of changing others’ attitudes for the better. Zest is important because it can encourage you to go the extra mile on certain goals (whether they’re academic or personal) and boost your general mood.  To show zest, you should have a good attitude and don’t hold grudges! Somebody that shows zest is Avya C. Zest can make the world a better place. If everybody has zest, our motivation rate will become higher and our outlook of the world will become more positive. One word I think of when I think of zest is positive.

– Pearson Student

To me, zest means having a smile on your face for a reason. Zest means to always have a glass half-full mindset and find good in everybody and everything. It means to be happy because of how you think of things. Zest is important because having a positive outlook on life can change the way you look at things and change the way you experience things. It can make your life happier and it can spread to the people around you. To show zest, you should find the good in bad moments. To start, when you don’t feel the best, think, “It could have been worse, so I am lucky” or think “At least… came out of it”. I know a lot of people that show zest. My brother is always having fun and making jokes, even when he is sick. McKenzie G. is always smiling and always kind and happy, and makes me too. Mrs. Richard uses her zest to make class so fun for us and spreads her smiles to me. Zest can make the world a better place because everybody would enjoy life more and be grateful for what the world has to offer. One word I think of when I think of zest is smile.

– Soumia