Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event occurring on April 22. Its purpose is to present our gratefulness towards the Earth. Many people honor Earth Day by helping around the community and doing things to benefit our Earth.

Earth Day first started in 1970, when Wisconsin Senator Gaylor Neilson created this as a national holiday to bring awareness about current problems. It was originally an American holiday but soon, the whole world adapted to it. Over twenty million people have celebrated Earth Day and all made some type of contribution towards the betterment of Earth. Since the very first Earth Day, people have continued to participate and it has made a huge difference.

Listed below are some ways to help around your community on Earth Day.

Help clean up litter around your community-
Go on a walk around your community with a trash bag. Whenever you see some, pick it up and throw it away. You can even invite some friends and challenge them to see who can pick up the most trash.

Walk or bike to places instead of using your car –
If you need to go to a store, try walking or biking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Try to recycle as much as you can –
Make sure you recycle the right things. That way, we can conserve the amount of waste we dispose of.

Donate items to a charity –
If you have some old clothes that don’t fit you anymore or some toys from when you were younger, try donating them instead of throwing them away.

Plant a tree –
Try growing some fruits or vegetables too. Spring is the perfect time to start growing plants. Who knows, you might have a secret knack for gardening.

Use Cloth Bags instead of Plastic Bags –
When you go to a store, take some cloth bags to carry your groceries instead of plastic ones.

Use Reusable Materials –
Try to use lunch boxes instead of paper bags. Reduce the number of plastic items you use.

Build a Bird House –
Build a birdhouse to give the birds home. It is a fun, time-consuming project. Plus, it is a delight to see the birds come up to the house to take some food.

Take shorter showers – limit the amount of time you spend in the shower. It can save more water than you think.