Frisco Arts Youth Exhibition

This article was originally published on August 12, 2020.

The worldwide pandemic has shut down a lot of gatherings in the arts community. Whether it is Broadway shows, live music performances, or something else, it has been increasingly difficult for people to share creative and artistic passions in front of supporters or an audience. It has been hard for students, as many are forced to stay home from school, a major way they were able to involve themselves in the arts before. However, a new opportunity has arisen for students in Frisco to showcase their artwork.

Signature Reflection, Frisco Arts, and the Lincoln Experience Center teamed up together to host a Frisco Arts Youth Exhibition. The pieces of artwork shown at the exhibition were created by students from 6th to 12th grade, and the artwork is separated into two categories; Junior High artists and High School artists. The artwork was selected and judged by Stephanie McLerran of Signature Reflection, and there are 12 artists per category and 2 honorable mentions. The top winners have their pieces displayed at the Lincoln Experience Center until August 13, 2020.

Because of this event, one student had the chance to sell her artwork for the first time and made a profit of $350. This would not be possible without the partnership of Signature Reflection, Frisco Arts, and the Lincoln Experience Center at The Star in Frisco. It is a great way for students to show their creativity to a crowd while maintaining a social distance. @FriscoArts stated on their Facebook, “Though we must remain socially distanced and safe, we can still create and be inspired by art. Congratulations to all our talented students for being selected in the 2nd Frisco Arts Youth Exhibition!”

To view the magnificent artwork, you must wear a mask and stay six feet apart from others. There was a limited number of people invited to the reception due to the new social distancing protocols. Everyone was of course required to wear a mask with the exception of when pictures were taken.

Each student received a certificate for being selected and a gift bag from the Lincoln Experience Center. There was a first, second, and third place category for both Junior High and High School students. The winners received gift cards to Michaels, a crafting supplies store which is a great way for artists to continue to dwell in their creativity. Many students were able to finally show their talents when this opportunity arose.

Texas Senator Jane Nelson heard of the exhibition and will be visiting Frisco to view the artwork before the event ends. In addition, Congressman Van Taylor will be honoring each student with a signed certificate as well. These students will be getting the recognition they deserve as talented artists in their community.

Although it may seem as this exhibition is the only event that is working for the arts, @FriscoArts states on their Instagram, “Students, text “Youth” to 59925 to receive info about upcoming opportunities! Parents, text “Arts” to 59925 to stay updated.” The arts are extremely important to many students and adults in Frisco and in the entire world. Events like these show that the arts are appreciated and that artists will be acknowledged for all of the work they put into what they love. People can still visit the Frisco Arts Youth Exhibition until August 13, and we hope others will continue to support young artists throughout the rest of this pandemic by continuing to create opportunities like this.