Gov. Greg Abbott has Taken the Decision of Gradually Reopening Texas Businesses

Gov. Greg Abbott extends COVID-19 disaster declaration in Texas | KXAN  Austin
This article was originally published on May 19, 2020.

It has been two days since Governor Greg Abbott has announced his plan to reopen the dormant businesses of Texas. The lockdown is predicted to have a severe impact on our country’s economy, causing the governor to take this course of action to prevent Texas from being affected further. He has reopened all grocery stores, child care centers, massage and personal-care centers, youth clubs and essential services with no occupancy limits and opened all retail stores, malls, restaurants, movie theaters, libraries and museums with the exception that they can only provide service to one-fourth of their occupancy limits, but these limits do not apply to outdoor areas that maintain a safe distance. Despite the reopening of businesses, the governor is cautious about reopening the counties with the most cases in Texas and will open the aforementioned businesses on May 29 in those areas to prevent the spread of the virus.

The governor’s plans extend to the future as well. He has given permission for rodeo and equestrian events to take place starting May 22. He also has allowed the reopenings of bowling alleys, bingo halls, simulcast racing, skating rinks, bars, aquariums and natural caverns starting from Friday. Restaurants will be able to allow 50% of their occupancy limit on May 22. On May 29, zoos will be opened once again for the public to visit. Next Sunday, day youth camps, overnight youth camps, youth sports and certain professional sports without in-person spectators may take place. Businesses in the office space may also open; however, they are limited to allowing either ten employees or 25% of their workforce, whichever is greater. Finally, on June 1, in-person summer school will be allowed.

During the press release which took place earlier in the week, the Texas governor said, “Today, tomorrow, and every day going forward is one step closer to medical discoveries that can treat and protect people from COVID-19—but until that day comes, our focus is keeping Texans safe while restoring their ability to get back to work, open their businesses, pay their bills, and put food on their tables. By continuing to use safe practices, we are slowing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting our most vulnerable. Now more than ever, we need to work together as one Texas. I ask all Texans to continue heeding the guidance of our state and federal medical experts and do their part to protect public health. If we all unite in our resolve, we will overcome this challenge.”

As of yesterday, there have been 49,912 coronavirus cases confirmed in Texas. Of those, 29,359 have recovered, and 1,369 have died from the infection. There are 152 cases confirmed in Frisco. It is up to us as Texans to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe by social distancing. To have a lower chance of being infected, it is encouraged to wear a face mask when in public areas, maintain a six-foot distance at all times, use sanitizer and wash your hands frequently, and disinfect any surfaces you touch.