This article was originally published on August 6, 2020.

After being offered a role as a Voice of Frisco reporter, I was puzzled. I didn’t know what to write about. Before this opportunity, writing for me was notes on the Civil War, personal narratives, expository writing, etc. Basically, whatever I wrote had only one purpose: to be graded. After much deliberation internally, I chose to write inspirational articles. What was it that people needed to hear in a time like this? How can my writing affect my readers positively? These questions were the questions I asked myself. For me, writing these articles, regardless of how many people took time out to read them and were inspired by words like “hope,” and “courage”, was an opportunity for me to get inspired.

Exactly one week from today, FISD schools will open. Being able to watch these schools open is a symbol of perseverance from each and every one of us. Resuming our education, moving forward in life even during tough circumstances is truly amazing. Even though summer didn’t turn out to be the way most of us expected it to turn out, the world learned a lot. For example, children learned that over-excitement may not be the best feeling to live with. As children, summer is our time away from books, teachers, drama, and more. Getting over-excited about this time can actually take away all the excitement of the situation itself. Teenagers learned that a little time away from our friends might be excruciating at first, but later, it gets better. Moreover, the value of our friendships is better understood. Adults learned that even when the world is silent and it seems like people are tucked away in their homes, not working hard is still not an option. Most importantly, the virus learned that when the world comes together, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Slowly, things will start to change into a new normal. All that matters right now is that we still have access to food, water, shelter, education, family, etc. In these five months, and possibly in the upcoming five months, the world is learning to be content with the basic necessities of life. Hopefully, this knowledge and way of living will stay with us.